The mission of Charity’s Charity is to bring charitable hearts together in assisting the disadvantaged, handicapped, and elderly through opportunities of self-reliance. Charity’s Charity is a small tax exempt organization based in Butte, Montana. The organization works with other non-profits and individuals to provide materials and supplies needed for projects benefiting the disadvantaged, elderly, and or handicapped. Charity’s Charity was organized shortly prior to and granted tax exempt status on June, 08, 2013.

Our group consists totally of unpaid volunteers. Our charity ensures 100% of all designated donations are received by intended benefactors. Funds can be designated by contacting us. We are without building/utility expenses. However, we do raise funds openly for minimal operating costs such as government operating costs and incidentals.

Charitable activities are focused in both Butte Montana (surrounding areas) and the Philippines. The aim of Charity’s Charity is to focus available resources on those who show personal investment as thoughtful and purposeful stewards. A range of the charitble activities we look for within our means are local yard renovations, job creating activities, food and medical supply donations to flood victims, and donations of school supplies to impoverished areas. Charity’s Charity recognizes the worth of the individual and strives to enable the individual towards self reliance. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers.




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